The Spotlight Is On Our Video Contest Winners

We at NCB have had the pleasure of viewing and sharing what Certification means to our members through our very successful Video Contest. We would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate our winners. Our Spotlight feature this month gives you the opportunity to learn more about each winner’s journey to Certification. Take a moment to find out what they see for their future and the future of Massage Therapy and the results they have achieved from being certified.

1st Place:  Karma Gaw

Karma Gaw has been NCBTMB Certified since 2006 and owns Custom Body Works, LLC in Missouri. It was not until after 20 years as a personal trainer and working hands on with a Chiropractor that she realized she was meant to do "Hands On" work.

Karma spends most of her time with clients who have specific problem areas; neck, shoulder, back, sciatica, etc.  She does not limit the modalities she practices, from trigger point work to stretching, range of motion and mobility. Her clients have told her that she has a radar in her thumbs.  She has a client as young as three weeks old, which is why she teaches new parents techniques for their new bundle.

Owning her own business keeps her quite busy, working at least six days a week and upwards of 25-35 clients a week. When she speaks of her end goal in Massage Therapy she feels as though there should never be an “end goal”. Especially in terms of education, she firmly believes you cannot get enough. When the day comes that it is physically impossible for her to keep this pace, educating others or becoming an advocate for the profession is likely in her future. She also has a desire to be on the National Board.

In one sentence, Karma shares what Certifcation means to her:

“My certification is my life and my passion. To help and educate people about their bodies so they can prevent poor health and allow their bodies heal with balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit.”

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2nd Place Francine Milford

Francine has been Certified since 2008 and is practicing what she loves most, energy work. The areas of massage therapy she enjoys range from facial massages, doing sciatic releases, and practicing Activated Isolated Stretching. In terms of energy work her two favorites are Reiki and Tuning Fork Therapy® (a system which she created). What surprised her most about becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist is that it made her better at what she was already doing. The knowledge she gained by going through the curriculum was more valuable than she ever could have realized.

Practicing at the Reiki Center of Venice in Venice, FL Francine has two major client bases. The core consists of the elderly with a list of problems (usually sciatic issues) along with a list of medications to which special attention must be given; and then she has the construction workers with mostly back complaints. Currently, she loves teaching. She has been teaching alternative therapies and exercise programs for more than 20 years. She is currently teaching some 200 courses, 20 of which are approved for continuing education hours with additional CE approval Boards. Her current goal is to create videos for all of the courses that she teaches to go along with the books that she has written (50 and counting).  Francine sees it as a way to leave behind a legacy of the work that she loved to do with others.

As for the future, the possibilities are endless. One idea that keeps presenting itself is to do some traveling to teach workshops in other states. We’ll keep an eye out!

In one sentence, Francine shares what Certifcation means to her:

"Certification is a measure and recognition of my knowledge, integrity, experience and higher level of expertise in my field of practice."

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3rd Place Yasuko (Yasko) Kawamura

Yasuko Kawamura has been certified for three years and currently practices in Irvine, CA at Bliss Squared Massage. Becoming a Massage Therapist came about after taking a local Swedish Massage Class. She found the power of healing through touch after her partner fell asleep during a massage. Following this course she quickly finished a 1,000 hour Holistic Practitioner Program in Laguna Hills, CA.

Currently she finds herself working in high-end spas and mobile services gaining clients through referrals. Yasuko also has a niche in teaching couple’s massages because she wasn’t able to find a class of the kind at a time when she was interested. She also hopes to help improve the quality of health through massage in the home. The idea is that quick home massages will bring awareness and appreciation to the power of massage and increase the demand for a professional massage.

Yasuko is just scratching the surface in her Massage Therapy career. She used to be a computer engineer; through videos and the internet she is able to blend her love for technology and massage therapy. She plans to release more video e-books and assist couples in learning the art of massage.

In one sentence, Yasuko shares what Certifcation means to her:

“Credibility that gives an edge and the sense of belonging with the other professionals who are serious about their career in bodywork. “

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3rd Place Peggy Duffy

Peggy Duffy has been Certified for ten years and independently runs Lookout Mountain Massage & Healing in Colorado. The decision to become a Massage Therapist came from a pregnancy that involved complications. Peggy accepted this as her calling when she began practicing yoga to calm her nerves. The quietness gave her clarity and drew her to the art of myomassology, and that has since been her home.

Her core customer base ranges from sports injuries to a desperate need to relax. Stress-release and reduction is her specialty because it is what her clients require.  Owning and running Lookout Mountain is her current venture that she thrives on. Looking into the future she doesn’t see an end goal, there will always be healing that needs to be done. Her accomplishments include having a yoga-based program for girls ages 10-14, Miss Fit Girls and is Certified in Pediatric Massage. Peggy will continue her education and hopes to enter a Master’s Program. There is always more to learn and Peggy has no intention of taking a break.

In one sentence, Peggy shares what Certifcation means to her:

“My certification means I am a respected and acknowledged member of the healing community.”

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