Shelly Diez of All Elements Massage Therapy

You may remember Shelly as one of our Video Contest entrants.  We were so inspired by her story that we asked if she would participate in our Spotlight Feature. We want to thank Shelly for participating in our Video Contest and for allowing us to share her motivational story with our members.

At just six years old Shelly lost her leg in a freak accident, which introduced her to massage at a very young age.  Massage therapy has been part of her wellness program as long as she can remember.  Massage was used to alleviate painful misalignments and overstressed muscles common to amputees. It has also assisted her through swim seasons, weight lifting, triathlon training, and most importantly, pregnancy and motherhood. She has been Certified since June 2012. This has given her the ability to educate other amputees with the way massage can benefit their bodies as they adjust to limb loss and integrating a prosthetic limb into their lives.

At Shelly’s practice, she has implemented several modalities of massage therapy. Myofascial release and therapeutic stretching techniques are beneficial for amputees to free adhesions throughout their musculoskeletal structure, especially during the prosthetic fitting process. Craniosacral Therapy is a wonderful and highly effective treatment that addresses an amputee’s nervous system, such as phantom pains and trauma, and underlying adhesions that traditional massage cannot access. Often, the amputees’ loved ones will request a good old-fashioned relaxation massage to ease the stresses a caregiver endures.

Professionally, the future holds many personal and professional goals. For starters, she plans to create a Best Practices for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions common to amputees.  She also wants to educate other professionals on the needs of amputees regarding massage therapy. Until then, she hopes to gain a lot of experience through hands-on treatments and expand her certifications with continuing education.

In one sentence, Shelly shares what Certifcation means to her:

"Certification is a measure and recognition of my knowledge, integrity, experience and higher level of expertise in my field of practice."

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