Sandy Fritz

2014 is my 34th year as a full-time massage therapist.  I am the Owner, Director, and Head Educator of the Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, MI, which provides education for approximately 50 massage students per year and is dedicated to achieving excellence in massage practice. My driving motivation is training the next generation of quality instructors and leaders in the massage profession.  I am very serious about massage education but seldom take myself seriously.

As a professional:

I maintain a private clientele, mostly of professional NFL football players but also NBA basketball players and professional golfers.

I have authored several massage texts including:  Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage, Clinical Massage in the Health Care Setting and Sports and Exercise Massage. An educator for more than 30 years, I also design curriculum using innovative concepts and teaching strategies.  I am a believer in giving back and volunteer for many of the massage organizations, especially the NCBTMB.

As a person:

I know what it is like to be an adult learner, completing my Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Central Michigan University in 1998 and my Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from Thomas Edison State College in 2000. My long term mentor and friend, Dr. Leon Chaitow, has had a huge influence on my professional development.  Another one of my great teachers was Dr. David Gurivich from Russia.  I have also learned from Irene Gauthier, John Barnes and many other leaders and innovators in the field of massage. I have been truly blessed with great teachers throughout my career – but I have had to work hard and the effort has been worth it.

Much of my world revolves around my professional activities including massage education, textbook writing and maintaining an active client structure.  However, as an individual, I hate getting dressed up and prefer to be comfortable, which can drive my daughter, Laura, to distraction, but also makes her chuckle.  Laura is a capable and wise young woman that I can depend on. She now runs my massage therapy school.  My youngest son, Luke, has followed me into the world of massage therapy and that makes me happy. He currently works for the NBA Detroit Pistons, providing massage, as well as, other support services to the coaching and training staff.   I enjoy simple things and am basically a homebody.  I play in my garden, feed and watch the birds, and enjoy my pets.   I listen to lots of audiobooks and enjoy a good story.   I want to be outside in nature more than inside the house.

I deal with dyslexia and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and have overcome serious health events which have taught me the value of every day.  I had open heart surgery – triple bypass – at age 52.  I could have truly dropped dead, but I didn’t thanks to the focused care of the medical community.  I turned 60 in 2013 and am proud of it! I have no intentions of retiring.

The strength, joy and peace of my life is from my family.   As a family, we have navigated many life events.  I spent many years as a single parent with its own challenges, and regardless of my job as a parent, my kids are fantastic.  Our family has experienced great loss with the untimely, accidental death of my oldest son days after he was married and found out he was going to be a father. As a family, we have held each other up and still laugh, as well as, cry together.  My granddaughter (pictured) is my sons’ gift to us all.  My entire life (personal and professional) shifted in 2007 as I stepped in my son’s place to take care of my granddaughter and support my daughter-in-law.  

Today, I continue to teach at my school, see massage clients, write textbooks, volunteer and support the advancement of the massage profession, teach massage workshops around the country, take classes myself, and take care of my granddaughter (including being involved in Girl Scouts).

I love the massage therapy profession.

- Sandy Fritz

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