Margo Benge

Growing up in a military household, I was stunned at an early age at the picture of intestines completely exposed on a man. My father wasn’t expecting me in his slide show and roared at me to get out. It was one of many men he had transported via helicopter in Korea. As a career officer and a pilot, his wounds were not so visible.

It took me years to work past those wounds into a relationship with him that was healing for both of us, and it was years of feeling his pain that allowed me to develop the wish for his healing and mine into a rather amazing profession and awareness.

It really didn’t require any thought when I heard "Hank" Krebs announce the need for massage therapists in the Warrior Weekend in Port O'Connor, Texas. I approached him directly about working with me to make it a nationally certified course. I offered him the huge sum of $1 to work for me; he protested it was too much, and counter offered 50 cents.

From that point on, with very few weeks to spare, we struggled just to find places for the therapists to stay. An angel responded to a call to a hotel and took several of us into her home. Some even commuted from distant hotels to make certain they could be there for the service men.

Just like that, we were there. The men and women started coming in droves. It suddenly became a room full of people who needed and deserved healing which pushed us all to work long hours, skip meals and fall into exhaustion. About 700 men and women came for about 1,000 massages… and less than 25 therapists were present!

This year, we will be at it again. We are trying to plan well in advance for those who might like a trip to see the bluebonnets on their way to the Texas Coast. Most importantly, though, we are interested in those who would like to give back to the service men and women who have given more than most of us can imagine. If this possibility resonates with you, please look at your calendar and preregister today to help in our planning. Nine hundred participants are expected in 2014 and we need your help!

For further information, please see our preregistration page at:

Special thanks to Charles "Hank" Krebs for allowing me to assist another year.

Margo Benge - dba Miracles

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