NCBTMB and ITEC Announce First International Certification Partnership

Burr Ridge, Ill. (March 14, 2015) – The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and ITEC, a specialist international examination board regulated and endorsed by the UK Government recognized in over 40 countries worldwide, announced a new international certification partnership today.

This partnership will immediately enable any NCBTMB Assigned School to become an ITEC Registered School, and thereby gain access to a range of internationally recognized massage and related specialty certifications.

ITEC is a UK based leading international specialist examination board credited with high quality and respected industry qualifications. Since 1947, ITEC has been regarded as one of the world's leading and most successful awarding bodies specializing in the Sport & Fitness, Complementary Therapy, and Beauty sectors. In addition, ITEC fosters a close working relationship with over 655 school partners across the world, with bases in London, South Africa, Asia Pacific, Ireland and the United States of America. ITEC ensures its certifications are recognized by worldwide industries to reflect best practices, as well as the required level of knowledge and practical skills required to guide graduates into international employment.

ITEC provides qualifications that meet the needs of the industry and that are clearly understood and respected by employers worldwide,Jane Foulston, Chief Executive, ITEC, goes on to explain, Its my personal mission to create one standard for the world and I believe that the partnership between NCBTMB and ITEC is a milestone in achieving this goal.The partnership will deliver clear benefits to all NCBTMB Assigned Schools that choose to become ITEC Registered, enabling their graduates to walk into employment both in the USA and around the globe.

All NCBTMB Assigned Schools can take advantage of this unique partnership, as long as:

  • The school is a current NCBTMB Assigned School in good standing
  • The school agrees to merge/map curriculums to ITEC’s International Diploma in Holistic Massage or any other specialty certifications you wish to offer
  • The school completes the ITEC Schools Registration form. For a limited time, ITEC will be waiving the $500 sign-up fee for all NCBTMB Assigned Schools.

This means, effective immediately, any NCBTMB Assigned School who can map/merge its curriculum to ITEC’s internationally recognized standards can become an ITEC Registered School—giving students and recent graduates the opportunity to achieve an ITEC International Diploma in Holistic Massage or other related specialty ITEC certifications.

ITEC is committed to actively collaborating with NCBTMB, their Assigned Schools, state boards, and certificants to adjust policies and procedures to best serve the profession at large.Jane Foulston, Chief Executive, ITEC

Benefits of an NCBTMB Assigned School becoming an ITEC Registered School include:

  • International recognition in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Benchmarked curriculum against other quality global institutions
  • Ability to offer ITEC’s International Diploma in Holistic Massage, as well as other specialty certifications to students
  • Potential for increased program interest and increased revenue for your school

NCBTMB Assigned Schools that gain ITEC Registered School status will be able to offer students and recent graduates the opportunity to achieve an ITEC International Diploma in Holistic Massage. In addition to this certification, ITEC Registered Schools also can choose to offer various other related specialty certifications through ITEC, including:

  • ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
  • ITEC Diploma in Infant & Child Massage
  • ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy
  • ITEC Diploma in Reflexology

Adding additional certifications to current offerings will ensure that NCBTMB Assigned Schools have:

  • A real advantage over local competitors
  • The ability to maximize per student revenue opportunities
  • The ability to offer the very best education to students

We believe this is the ultimate two-for-one benefit for our Assigned Schools and the profession,Steve Kirin, Chief Executive Officer, NCBTMB, explained. Matching ITECs curriculum means students graduate with a competitive edge not offered anywhere else in the worldthey meet their state requirements for licensure and are immediately eligible to earn ITECs international massage and specialty certifications, putting them on the fast-track toward Board Certification and other career advancing opportunities.

Any educational hours accumulated for specialty certifications can also be applied toward continuing education for Board Certification with NCBTMB—the highest voluntary credential in the massage therapy and bodywork profession in the United States today.

Benefits of becoming an ITEC Registered School for students include:

  • The opportunity to earn an international certification recognized by employers in over 40 countries
  • An international “passport” to a career outside the continental United States
  • A competitive edge when applying for employment opportunities in the United States or abroad
  • An immediate eligibility for specialty certifications in various massage-related modalities
  • Standardization against professional excellence around the globe
  • The ability to apply all specialty certification educational hours toward Board Certification with NCBTMB

We are thrilled to embark on yet another collaborative journey to serve the greater good of our esteemed profession,” Dr. Leena S. Guptha, Chair of the NCBTMB Board of Directors, described. With Board Certification leading the charge, our partnership with ITEC unleashes even more positive opportunity for professional development and career path advancement within our professionthereby aligning us with other healthcare professions to bring recognition, validity, and empowerment to massage and bodywork profession and industry.

Achieving Board Certification through NCBTMB and an ITEC International Diploma in Holistic Massage, or one of ITEC’s various specialty certifications, enables graduates to go above and beyond the entry-level scope of practice right from day they graduate. This partnership ensures future graduates need no longer be restricted with limited practical and educational experience—certification through NCBTMB and ITEC will open a new world of career and employment possibilities.

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The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) is an independent, private, nonprofit organization founded in 1992. The mission of NCBTMB is to define and advance the highest standards in the massage therapy and bodywork. In support of this mission, NCBTMB serves the profession through Board Certification, Approved Providers, and Assigned Schools. For more information, please visit

Board Certification is the highest voluntary certification credential available in the massage therapy and bodywork profession today. Board Certified Massage Therapists exemplify higher levels of education and work experience, maintain a current CPR certification, pass a national background check, as well as uphold NCBTMB’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and commit to oppose human trafficking.

About ITEC

ITEC has been awarding high quality and respected industry qualifications since 1947. It is now one of the world's leading and most successful awarding bodies specializing in Beauty and Complementary Therapy, Sport, Fitness and Hairdressing sectors. In 2011 ITEC awarded over 38,000 Certifications in over 38 countries.

ITEC fosters a close working relationship with our College partners who total over 655 across the world, and has offices in London, South Africa and Asia Pacific and representation in Ireland and the United States of America. ITEC offers Colleges and learners one of the largest Beauty and Hairdressing qualification portfolios including qualifications for employability, specialist subjects and skills enhancement (CPD).


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