2016 New York Sponsorship Fee Adjustment

Since 2012, NCBTMB sponsors its Approved Providers of Continuing Education to teach New York LMTs. To be clear, there is a separate procedure to become sponsored to teach to our New York massage therapy community, and each Approved Provider interested in becoming sponsored must meet specific requirements.

As with any other approval process, there are several steps that take place from initial approval to submission of certificates to participants of these courses. As such, NCBTMB must ensure that each Approved Provider and course submitted meets all New York guidelines. Additionally, NCBTMB must ensure each Approved Provider submits the appropriate certificate of completion at the end of each course to any participant who attends a course for licensure renewal.

As New York Sponsorship has grown over the years, so has NCBTMB’s administrative processes and resources. Due to this increase in demand, NCBTMB will be adjusting the New York Sponsorship Fee, effective January 4, 2016, to best serve all Approved Providers and continue to maintain high integrity in working with the state of New York.

Effective January 4, 2016, the NCBTMB New York sponsorship fee will be $50 for a three-year period. NCBTMB will continue to review instructors and courses to ensure that both meet New York requirements. Additionally, NCBTMB will continue to submit certificates of completion to participants of New York for licensure renewal purposes.

If you are a current NCBTMB Approved Provider, and would like to be sponsored to teach your classes to New York LMTs, please review the New York Sponsorship Form and submit all information requested at the following link: http://www.ncbtmb.org/formstoolslogos.

If you are a current NCBTMB Approved Provider interested in renewing your New York Sponsorship prior to the adjusted 2016 fee, and are within one year of your renewal, please login to your NCBTMB account at www.ncbtmb.org and complete the “Approved Provider Renewal Form” within your account.

Questions? Connect with NCBTMB’s Approved Provider department at ce@ncbtmb.org.

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