Ten Meanings of the Value of Certification as told by Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers

1. Career Path

With Certification, Karma was able to develop a very successful business. She has seen her client base triple in the last five years and sees ongoing career opportunities and enhancements available to her, in part, thanks to her Certfication credential.

2. Increased Earnings

A Certification credential from NCBTMB helped Francine increase her annual income from five digits to six digits. Her clients view her as a qualified practitioner who continues to learn new methods and techniques. Of course it helps that she reflects a lot of what NCBTMB stands for: quality, integrity and professionalism.

3. Greater Value to Patients

Clients have told Boris that they appreciate seeing his Certificate when they come in for an appointment. Retaining his Certification is essential because of the higher value it holds in his profession and among his peers. 

4. No Licensure in State

Rebecca found that she was unable to receive licensure in her home state and with that she decided to receive NCBTMB Certification. This helped her show how serious she is about her career and that it is important she is held to—and present to her clients—the highest standards.

5. Professional Image

Tara finds that being NCBTMB Certified presents a professional image and requires her to adhere to a higher level of standards. Certification assures her clients that she is a legitimate massage therapist in a profession known to be targeted by illegitimate characters.

6. Community

The sense of community found when holding an NCBTMB Certification is what drew Ariana towards making the commitment. She enjoys spreading the benefits and joys to a wider demographic while surrounding herself with 80,000 fellow practitioners.

7. Pride

Peggy found the best value in Certification is the pride that came with passing. It’s important for her to be aligned with an elite group working extremely hard and reaching their personal and career goals of being Certified.

8. Reputable Credential

Just six months into her Certification, Erin is already seeing the benefits. She is entering the field with a Credential that allows her to meet and exceed a standard set forth by NCBTMB. It has also given her a level of confidence she would not experience without her Certification.

9. Groundbreaker

Being an amputee, Shelly found it important that after she discovered massage that she be able to spread the word to fellow amputees. She is the owner of Elements Massage Therapy where she has set forth to provide groundbreaking methods to help amputees who otherwise would not know the practice or benefits.

10. Differentiation

Being among the best in your profession is satisfying—and differentiating yourself from your colleagues is better yet. Yasuko felt strongly about giving herself an edge in the very competitive field of Massage Therapy; that edge was NCBTMB Certification.

If you’re a Certified Massage Therapist, let us know what the Value of Certification means to you! Share with us here or on our Facebook page, and watch for another video contest coming soon. If you’re currently a licensed massage therapist and are ready to take the next step for Certification, click here to learn more.


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Therapy is better than medical attention, because it is less harm on your body.

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