Your Vote Matters: Help Us to Help You—Vote Now!

Already this year, NCBTMB has set in motion notable changes. Most recently, we announced our decision to no longer offer licensing examinations to the public as of November 1st, 2014. Decisions like this start and end with our Board of Directors. As we continue to evolve and strengthen ourselves as a volunteer-driven organization—that is led by the profession and for the profession—it is of paramount importance we attract the best contributors with diverse experience to make the best choices for our collaborative future—and that is dependent on you and your vote. Your vote matters!

As we seek to expand our Board of Directors, this year provides a unique opportunity to help select TWO Practitioner Members to further diversify, strengthen, and evolve our Board. As an organization, we serve practitioners through our Board Certification credential (BCTMB), as well as an evolving Approved Provider Program and Assigned School Code program. Simply put, we need you to vote for the best candidates to help us make knowledge-based decisions that advance the standards in our profession through education and certification.

I encourage you to vote and be proud of the Board of Directors that you elect to serve you and our profession better. Over the past year, you will have seen a Board who has progressively become highly engaged in taking up their responsibility to the profession by actively contributing to our future on a daily and weekly basis. Now more than ever, we are heavily focused on building collaborative relationships with our Certificants and stakeholders—a top priority for us as we continue to take hold of our positive and infectious momentum. We need your help to continue this trend. We want our Board to reflect your choice in leadership so that we can grow, thrive and flourish together with the best talent that you elect onto the Board of Directors.

Please do not delay. Vote today!!

My personal message to you, the profession, on why your vote is especially important this year:

It’s simple. When you take the time to vote, it ensures the deserving and proper leaders of our esteemed profession are those representing you on the NCBTMB Board of Directors. Your vote matters—not only to NCBTMB, but to our entire profession.

Are you ready to place your vote? It’s only two clicks away! Here’s how:

Step One: Search your inbox for an email from NCBTMB Election Coordinator ( that would have arrived on October 1st or October 2nd, 2014.

Step Two: In the email from NCBTMB Election Coordinator, please make note of your Certificant ID and Election Passcode—or simply click on the personalized voting link provided in the email.

If you cannot find your voting information, simply visit and enter the email address NCBTMB has on file for your voting information to be resent to you.

Step Three: Read all candidate statements.

Step Four: Place your vote!

I hope you will take this unique opportunity to make your voice heard and vote for the two Practitioner Members you feel best represent you and our profession to join the NCBTMB Board of Directors. The time to cast your vote is NOW! Act fast—voting closes at 5:00p CST on November 1st.

Happy Voting!

This blog was written by:

Board Chair
Leena S. Guptha

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