What Our ITEC Partnership Means for Your Assigned School Webinar Recap

Our Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 webinar was an exciting collaborative event featuring NCBTMB Board Chair, Dr. Leena, and VP of Educational Support, Donna Sarvello, with special guests Jane Foulston, Chief Executive, ITEC, and Elaine Hall, Quality & Qualifications Manger, ITEC. Together, the four organizational leaders discussed our latest partnership that immediately empowers all current NCBTMB Assigned with the opportunity to become an ITEC Registered School—and thereby gain access to a range of international massage and related specialty certifications recognized in over 40 countries worldwide.

This is an ideal opportunity for Assigned Schools looking to:

  • Maximize per student revenue opportunities,
  • Gain a competitive edge, and
  • Offer the very best education to our next generation of massage therapists.

Watch the webinar playback below to be introduced to:

  • The latest details on our exiting new partnership with ITEC,
  • How partnership empowers your NCBTMB Assigned School to become an ITEC Registered School, and
  • How to gain access to a range of international massage and related specialty certifications, recognized in over 40 countries worldwide.

Questions & Answers from the Webinar:

What qualifications will all of my instructors need to show to teach ITEC certifications?

Instructors for ITEC certifications will either have to be NCBTMB Board Certified or ITEC Certified. Instructors must also be qualified in the subjects they wish to teach and have a minimum of two years of experience in the profession.


Can all of my instructors take the exams to understand the material?

Yes, all of your instructors are welcome to take the ITEC tests. It is highly recommended that many of them do to understand the material that is covered.


Is there material that goes along with the ITEC certification?

Yes, there are also several books that align with the ITEC certifications. These are available for purchase on Amazon and are distributed in the USA & Canada by:

Cardinal Publishers Group
2402 Shadeland Ave., Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46219

They can also be reached via phone at 317 352 8200, via fax at 317 352 8202, or via email at customerservice@cardinalpub.com. You can also visit their website, www.cardinalpub.com. E-learning resources are also available from EMS Publishing: www.emspublishing.co.uk. From the homepage, visitors can click through to the e-Learning, and there request a demo login to view sample materials.


How many other programs does ITEC offer?

ITEC offers several other programs in the beauty, massage, hairdressing, sports massage & fitness, customer service and business administration industries. All details are available on the ITEC website via http://www.itecworld.co.uk/qualifications/index.htm.  Click on the sector you are interested in and you will be able to select from the certifications listed.  All documentation is available by clicking on the individual certification required.


Can my school begin to offer the ITEC esthetics program using the ITEC material in the future?

ITEC will need a mapping of your esthetics curriculum to the ITEC curriculum and the resumes of your instructors for approval.  Esthetics certifications can be found at http://www.itecworld.co.uk/qualifications/Diplomas.aspx?CategoryID=11. Schools must also follow the rules and regulations set in the United States.


Will ITEC or NCBTMB do site visits to ensure schools are following the program?

Yes, ITEC will perform annual verification visits to ensure that the program is being taught correctly and to ensure schools are following the terms agreed to.  


Do I have to complete the NCBTMB Assigned School Code application to use the ITEC program?

Yes, ITEC's application is much more streamlined for NCBTMB Assigned Schools. You have already submitted much of the information in order to be approved through NCBTMB; the ITEC program and application is a simple bolt-on.


Can individual NCBTMB Approved Providers teach ITEC specialty certifications?

Yes; however, each participant will have to test through an ITEC Registered School when the class is complete. This is the perfect opportunity to hire or contract people that currently teach these specialty certifications to teach within the school and bring students back to the original schools for CE.


Is there a way to look at the ITEC syllabus and general content outline?  I looked on the website and didn't see it. Do you have to be approved to view them?

Each course is listed on the ITEC website at http://www.itecworld.co.uk/qualifications/index.htm. You will need to open the sector and then the separate certification to see its contents.   


Do students take the test at ITEC Registered Schools?

Yes, each student must take the test at an ITEC Registered School. ITEC and NCBTMB have reviewed these schools to ensure the instructors and facilities meet the ITEC requirements.


Will the webinar slides be available for print post presentation? Is it possible to email them out to attendees to share with our faculty?

Yes, our webinar presentation will be available on our website at www.ncbtmb.org/webinars. A PDF version of today's PPT presentation will also be available, along with full questions and answers from today's webinar.


How does ITEC satisfy the differences pertaining to legal practice, ethics, and business practices in so many countries?

ITEC incorporates relevant feedback from our partner countries, where necessary. For example, OSHA guidelines for the United States have already been incorporated into our test database and will be applied for a test being delivered in the United States.


Can anyone that is already a Massage Therapist take the ITEC exam at an ITEC Registered School, even if they didn't "study" at that school?

Yes, each person would have to meet the ITEC requirements and complete the work. They can take the certification examinations. Every test must be taken at an ITEC Registered School. This is a great opportunity to bring students and others back to your school for additional education.


Do we have to give the test at the school or can graduates can do this independently, once we are an ITEC Registered school?

Each test must be delivered in an ITEC Registered School. Tests may not be given in any other facility.


When you say "NCB Registered School" are you referring to NCB Approved CE Providers?

No, NCBTMB Assigned Schools are not CE Providers. We review school information rather than continuing education of the Assigned School prior to approval. 


Will the State Licensing boards recognize ITEC certification as an option to MBLEX?

Neither NCBTMB nor ITEC can speak for State Boards.


How could the students reach the 750 hours for NCBTMB Board Certification? If the school offers 600, for example, how could the students do 150 extra hours to reach 750?

Students can take continuing education or complete additional ITEC specialty certifications to meet the additional hours for Board Certification.


Could that potentially be another stream of revenue for NCBTMB Assigned Schools that also become ITEC Registered Schools? To bring in practicing massage therapists to take the ITEC tests?

Absolutely! This is a great way to bring graduates back to school for CE and to obtain the International ITEC Certification.


Does an applicant have to have completed studies at an ITEC Registered School in order to take the ITEC exams?

It is highly recommended, but therapists who have been practicing and graduated years ago may take the ITEC exams, complete the material and become ITEC Certified.


How do these international certifications work with licensing within their respective countries or when coming to the U.S.?

Other countries accept the ITEC certification to begin practicing. Each person will have to get a visa to work and follow country rules also. There are no licensure requirements outside of the United States.


Are ITEC graduates from other countries able to get licensure in the US?

People coming to the United States will still have to follow each state's rules to practice legally.


How much marketing does ITEC do to be recognized in the United States?

NCBTMB and ITEC are now working together to market within the United States. 


What are the requirements for instructors to teach that must be demonstrated for ITEC?

Each instructor must be either NCBTMB Board Certified or ITEC Certified with two years of experience within the profession.


What are the requirements to keep your ITEC certification? Are there more costs on a yearly basis for the individual?

Once you earn your ITEC Certification, it is yours for life. There are no renewal requirements.


So an ITEC certification will allow a massage therapist to work in the countries that accept it?  We're often asked about International Licensing and it's been difficult to answer that specifically. 

Other countries accept the ITEC certification to begin practicing. Each person will have to get a visa to work and follow country rules. The rest of the world works on certifications—there is no licensure outside of the United States.


Would faculty be able to become ITEC certified if they did not graduate from an ITEC school so that they can know what the test and skills needed are like?

Yes, as long as they take the ITEC Certification exams at an ITEC school. Your school can become ITEC registered and your instructors can take the tests in your school.


Is there press release collaboration with ITEC if a school becomes ITEC certified?

Once an NCBTMB Assigned Schools becomes an ITEC Registered School, NCBTMB will be happy to promote that school via a personalized press release posted to the NCBTMB website. NCBTMB will also proudly advertise such schools on our social media platforms, as well as on our "Find an NCBTMB Assigned School" application on our website.  The school will also join the ITEC group of registered colleges and their school details will be published on the ITEC website worldwide.


Will this be a credential schools can hold and elevate their graduates upon finishing a 900 hour program?

This is the first international certification offered in the United States. We believe that this would help your school stand out from the rest.

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